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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Contoh Hantaran -- Bunga Tisu

For this moment, I will update this blog just a short and fast post. I just put a few or i think many picture with the source link for the readers..;) This kind of hantaran is the one that i prefer to and i refer to do it later. chayok2..

Jenis Hantaran: Set 001 

 Jenis Hantaran: set 002

Jenis Hantaran: set 003

Jenis hantaran: set 004


  1. sampai skarang stii xtaw cmne nk wat bunga tissue..sob..sob..

    1. x susa sgt la awk. kene try and error. lame2 terer la nti.. lg pun kos murah & senang :)


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