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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mesin Jahit baru

Yesterday me, ayah, my mum n younger bro went to Seremban jalan2. (ceh, jalan2 sampai tak ingat bnyk assingment delay....hehe) Actually the main things to do was to get the 'cop pengesahan' for ptptn but then, all of the place we went was not opened. Never mind. Then we change our xtivity of that day. We went to 'kedai mesin jahit' ye. Actually my mum had plan about this. She want to buy the new one but budget tak cukup... Now duit dah de. So get the new one. Not only my mum happy because she get the new, i also excited about it. Why??? Baju raye dapat lbh ckit. hehehe :-D Wokey... as you can see at the above picture is the sew machine that i mention.

Besides that, there is other thing that make me excited. Cube teka... never mind. Mane la korang tau. My house will be renovate. My dad plan that our house will 100 % siap is before puase but tukang tu cakap maybe lambat sikit. I think my dad want our house siap before puase because nanti susah kalau puase nak duduk mane. Rumah bersepah. If that so, we will have new house for hari raye. hrmm...

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