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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Interview at Perodua

Yesterday, my group for Communication at work subject went to Ipoh. Our group need to do some interview or survey to fulfill the assignment requirement and collect info. Our group choose Perodua. It is because Perodua is nearest place to go and Perodua related with our topic. Actually, our group planned want to do it at hotel but there are many things yg m'halang. Ye la... mane tak nye. Private and confidential la.. to many don't. So, we decide to make it at Perodua. My group member is me, anis, tehah, hajar n yunus ( the only guy in my class). Yesterday was not the first time we get there. Actually we already went there for place survey and asked for permission to do an interview. When we got an approval, then we went there formally with the letter that stated us as student to do an interview and collect information for work paper.

After everything done, all of us went to jusco Ipoh.... haaa.... pe lagi. Berpoya la jap. But not only berpoya ok... we went for break fasting. We went to KFC. While waiting for azan, me n my friends jalan2 kat dlm jusco. Mase tengah jalan2 tu, i went to a shop and.... ter berkenaan plak at one shoe. Haha... pe lagi. I bought it. Actually don't really want to buy it but i need to because i don't have any shoe for speech nanti. The price is RM60.00. Hrmm...mmg mase nak bayar, banyak kali pikir. But...never mind lah. I decide to use that shoe as my kasut raye. Ada but lagi, i want to buy another shoe went i go back next two week for raya (Kalau mak tau dah beli kasut mahal, mesti dia marah...)

After that, we went to KFC to buy food... Owhh tidak.... to many people inside there. The q was too long. Time already 7.15 pm but not yet buy anything to eat. Then we went to McD. Only next to KFC. Just bought a cup of water for basah tekak... then we went for pray first. After 20 minutes, we went to KFC again. Now, there is a table for us to sit. hehe... Nak makan KFC punye pasal... sanggup tunggu. We went back to Sri Iskandat at 9.00 pm. Eventhough tired, but i enjoy it because dapat makan KFC because dah lame tak gi KFC. Dulu dgn ain mase kat lendu.

Dah enjoyed kan... Today, can't. Kena siapkan assignment n study for coming quiz n test okey. Actually, we went to Ipoh for release tension.

Haaaaaaaa............ there is one more things. When we entered Jusco, arrghhhh... rase sayu n nak menjerit plak (NAK BALIK UMAH........................). Sebab pe tau???? Jusco already played lagu raye. Wooooo.. semangat nak raye n nak balik umah tu berkobar-kobar plak. All the raya songs played, really touched my heart la. And just right now, i listened to Hot FM and then... they also played raya songs. I know the reason why. It is because today is 15 Ramadhan. hehehe...

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