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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So random

Assalamualaikum to all readers....=)

We are now in the 3rd week of February.  Besides, today is the special day for muslim.  What day is today? today is...


So, here I would to say to all Muslim,  Salam Maulidur Rasul.

Month of January has left us.  Feel like we just recently entered new year and month of January but it is not.  Time are so fast walking in our life.  Where sometimes we don't realize that we went through the day with nothing.  Sometimes we just so engrossed with our surrounding and with our own problem by ignore or dont want to take part of other things.  By doing that, we don't realize that many things happend around us, we don't realize that we miss so many things and we don't realize that you (ourself) left behind. 

Counting the days.  Yes it is.  Counting the days to finish study with the good result for myself and for family.  Need to put more effort.  Not just 'more' but double triple effort to put on it.  Health, assignment, friends, and personal things; all these things always give an effect and influence the day and the result of study.  Need to give full concentration on study but sometimes want to have happy life without problem, want to run off from the stress thing for a while, and bla.. bla.. bla..

But, the truth is nobody have no problem.  L I F E. 
The word itself bring so many meaning and pictures where each person have different meaning & pictures that have to and already went through the word of L I F E.  When we talk about life, it is undescribe or can't have the ending of the story.   As long we still breathing, we are going to go through new experience.  We can't avoid it. 

Lately, marriage things become to close in my life and happen around me.  People around me are getting married and engange.  Sometimes it just influence me about a marriage, commitment, responsible and a family.  People around me, even those who younger than me, already got married and have a cute baby.  Huhu.. How a wonderful life when at this age, you already have your own child BUT at the same time;  responsibilites and commitment wait for you and need to be carry out for the whole life.  Wonder, when is my turn? huhu..

It just leave a few month to finish study.  After that, need set out new target, mission and vision for the future.  Afraid? Worry? Blur? and etc.  It happen when think about what will you do after this, what is your plan after finish study, and bla.. bla.. bla.. sometimes feel like don't wanna overthink of it, just want to go through every thing that come in life, and then just make decision.  But we also to have our planning and strategic for future right? 

Tired.  Tired of being overthink for a thing.  An issues or matter that always uncertainty in me lately.  Never have a chance or space to discuss about it.  Waiting and keep waiting until I am tired of waiting.  Hope the spirit of waiting never fade and never lost. 

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Until then.  Chao~

Salam  ♥

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