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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Exhausted, hectic and challenging

Assalamualaikum semua..;)

Long time no see haaa... Yup, for a long time I didn't post new entry. 
First of all, I wanna copy somebody FB status:

Bye Sri Iskandar.. Hello Seremban!!

Yeah, Hello Seremban. Home sweet home.  Really feel grateful and a bit relieved now.  Why?
After about 3 month and plus2, me and my group struggle to done our research report and yesterday, everything that related to it, already finish.  Just wanna wait for reply and feedback from lecturer. 

Ya, really nervous about that.  Lucky for us because, my course did not have VIVA.  We went through so many things that really challenging to us.  Kadang2 tuh sampai rasa macam tak percaya kami dah lalui process membuat kajian atau nama yang lebih fofuler popular ialah Research.

After done all the editing process, printing process and etc., yesterday evening at 6.00 p.m. the report was finished and just need to submit tomorrow.  Huh.. feel relieved for that part but not finished yet until we get the result from advisor and lecturer.  At last, I can go home. 

Now, I'm on my study leave.  My paper for this last semester exam, lambat lagi.  So, I still have time to get some rest, qada' tidur balik untuk yang tempoh hari, hide and seek with mood to have a time for study and etc.  Hehe.. 

I hope that everything will going smoothly and my group research will get the best result from our lecturer and advisor.  Good Luck my groupmates..^_^

Bila dah balik rumah ni, seru nak blogging balik dah terpanggil.  So, after this I will try to continue my writing again, after it being postpone for a long time period.  Idea oh idea.. come here to me.  I need you.

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