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Friday, March 6, 2009


Today activity at my office was 5S. It means 'gotong-royong' lah. Our office will transfer for several months for building renovation. So, me and all the staff at my department need to do some clearence in the store room. That room is so smelly with the stuff inside there and that room doesn't have window at all. Mostly stuff in the store room is the folders that no longer use, the t-shirt, the pc and many more. The store room look scary and mysterious because of no window for the sun light come in. Everybody in my office help each other to clean up that room. The best part here is Puan Sharia'ah already made an odered of Nasi Tomato and Air Bandung at canteen. Luckly Puan Sharia'ah made that odered because after the "mission complete" all of us really hungry.

Hehehe.....:-D but i'm feel happy and enjoy it. Furthermore, before I went back home, all the staff there celebrate one of the worker that retire today and today is the last day of his service in this company. They did some photograpy session and gave some present to him. It was so happening.

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