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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


sometimes try to understand you

sometimes try to put my self on you

sometimes I do not take it as a serious thing for some matter

sometimes I just let go for a things that hurt my self

sometimes.. sometimes.. sometimes..

what ever it is

I try to do some or many things that make you happy

Do you ever notice about those things?

It is hard to be...

what people want

what people do care about you

I am just an ordinary person that not really perfect

at certain things

** people who know about this person, live in this person life, friends of this person, who always around this person life.


  1. wah....poet ni fasya sendiri wat ke? mendalam maksudnya...kalah aku.. nway,siapakan gerangannya orang ini?huhuhu..nak tau gak.

  2. hye ani. yup, i create it by my self based from my life and experience. To whom? it just what i feel rite now..


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