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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ceria ke?

Cuba teka.. topup apa?

Bukan topup kredit untuk telefon la. Ni topup for my lovely blog. Blog ni da jarang2 di update dengan entry baru. So, semalam bukak la ada satu website yang menyediakan segala jenis backgroud and tool or accessories untuk blog. Suka visit website tu sebab dia punya background cantik and I like the accessories that being provide there.

Adalah la sikit I topup for my blog. Contoh nye, black clock at the right-side of my blog. I put some accessories for instance the accessories to welcome the visitor. Then, there are a few that I found and put it also where you can see in the rigth-side have 3 or 4 accessories such as ' I love my princess' and ' Love ~ always & forever' . Cuma nak menceriakan blog ni semula sebab dah nampak macam suram je..

Then, I search for the blog background. Banyak yang cantik2 dan tak tahu nak pilih yang mane satu. Last sekali, I choose this background that I have used right now. It is simple and the color is okey for me because it is not really striking or dark. It is just suitable for my blog accessories and the blog font color.

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