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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Same day.. different plan

Actually my plan for today is wanna hangout with my old friend at KL. Suddenly, the plan was cancel a day before that. At first, a bit disappointed because can't go anywhere but I am happy....(pelik plak. Tadi kate disappointed pastu happy) Okeh.. biar kan dia. =_="

Why am I happy? ha... because today, my plan want to hangout with somebody and somewhere, jadi lah.. senang cakap. But today I hangout with different person and different plan.. and the best part was watch movie lah. One of my favourite activity if keluar jalan2. We watch movie of LAGENDA BUDAK SETAN.

Overall, the movie is good with 'jiwang' part, sad part and a bit happy moment. Even though, I feel tired but I am happy for today and enjoy it like much.. ^_^ whaaa...

Thank you KAMU..

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