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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Golden Crew

Training Program.  This semester, in my syllabus of study, we need and require to organize a training program.  Sorry for late update.  Actually, this program was held on 8 August but just now I have time to update my lovely blog with this entry. Hehe.. Ok lah, let we start this entry with pictures and i'll go with the flow of this story. 

** credit to Hafizah Mahmudin for these pictre

pict 1: During the training session

pict 2: During they working in group & with fasi

pict 3: Housemates & also in one group

pict 3: the one on who wear blue shirt is our lecture and advisor for this program
pict 4: this our group member but not all of them here

Pict 6: Ha,, this one is complete picture where these people is the GOLDEN CREW

Pict 7: Me -- Waiting for the student (participant)

Pict 8: Okeh,, ni gambar yg no purpose. Just ignore... ;P

Pict 9: Before the program start

Pict 10: During the program -- Introduction slot

Pict 11: During the Program

Pict 12: My group during the trademark session

Pict 13: Ice-breaking in group

Pict 14: Me and my 'adik'
Pict 15: Them

Pict 16: Waktu ni sudah ke hujung program, kami ada sesi menyanyi beramai-ramai dan tonton video

Gambar di atas: with my group sewaktu penyampaian hadiah dan tangkap untuk kenangan la... (okeh, i tau kat sini my group je yang ada.  This is my blog, so up to me lah nak taruk orang lain punye ke tak payah okeh.  Sorry   =.= '' )

My lecture and teacher of them

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