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Sunday, December 27, 2009

body type with jeans

Hi.. today I will continue to post an entry about jeans like I said before in my previous entry. Jeans are widely accepted by everyone. When we wear jeans, we need to know what type of jeans that are suitable for you. It is because your body shape could be against you favourite jeans. Here, I have search and found this information about some tips to look great in jeans.

1. Big bottom

You better avoid jeans with excessive embellishment (perhiasan) on the back especially pockets. The pockets that are too small and wide spaced will make a large back end looks huge. Still, without the pockets, all the attention could be drawn to the part that you want to hide. Pick a pair of jeans with long and wide pockets with vertical seams (jahitan), it will help to create length instead of width. The pair of jeans should be flare at the ankle part to balance your lush figure and low-rise jeans can also flatter your bottom.

2. Ample tummy

If it's too hard to cover-up your big belly, while wearing on jeans, take some the following tips; never wear pleats (lipatan/kedutan), choose a pair of high-waisted jeans or five-pocket styles or jeans with slash pockets to help create a smooth plane over the entire tummy. Elastic waistband, too tight jeans and jeans with some decor are strongly prohibited as they will add some more undesired inches and also do not get the waist of the jeans to be above the belly button. This might grab everyone's attention to your ample stomach.

3. Heavy thighs (peha)

The wrong pairs of jeans make your thigh lood wider, so go for a style that skims (but not too tight) your leg. Flares and boot cuts are comparatively recommended as the flare at the bottom help to lengthen the leg and minimize the appearence of thick thighs or wide hips. The length of the jeans is quite necessary for those with heavy thighs. They should have the hem of the jeans line to the bottom of the ankle. Skinny jeans or tapered jeans should be the last thing big-thigh person will come up with as the baggy jeans will even highlight the width.

4. Tall & thin

Look at the bright side, at least picking a pair of jeans is not a big trouble for you. Try the new retro skinny jeans or extra low-rise styles to show off your flat tummy and slim hips.

5. Short legs

Go grab slim-fit style with a slight flare, very straight vertical lines, or pair of high-waisted jeans pants which makes the illusion of the length of your legs. If you wish to add some real length, have the hemline hit the floor when standing flat-footed and wear high-heeled shoes. Keep away from tapered jeans and cuffs or only an inch of the cuff.

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