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Friday, December 18, 2009

Jeans for women

Recently, I have watched one of the program about jeans at tv3. The program is about the fashion designer want to launched or to show his or her jeans design. Its attract my interest and attention. It is also remind me about my jeans and what type of jeans that I wear.

Here, I have some information to share with you. I had search it on the internet about jeans and I found this information. As you know, jeans have various and different style. I want to share with you about type of jeans that you can wear and choose it according to you body type but I just want to show you several type of jeans.


Straight cut is a kind of jeans pants which the circumference of their legs is consistent from the hip down to the leg. The straight-cut jeans are usually cut straight down from the waist making it fits you natural waist and is slim through the ankles & bottom. You have to make sure if you body is perfect enough for the straight-cut jeans as it's tapered off slightly at the ankle.


Boot cut is somtimes knows as flare cut, but it's less roomy at the ankle part. The boot cut is tapered to the knee and ar slim in the thigh are but is made slighty wider from the knee down to the hem in order to accommodate a person's boots without bunching up.


This type of jeans are great for willowy figures who want some curves.


It come in many names such as tapered pants, carrot leg pants, ice-cream cone pants, old-school hood jeans and so on. The skinny jeans is slim-fit pants which are tapered through the end of the ankle. This type of jeans always looks chic on those wearing them, however, perfect shape of your body required (people with smaller hips and taller women). The skinny jeans look best with high-heeled shoes or knee high boots.

This type of jeans are good for minimizing thighs.
Actually, there are many other type of jeans but I want to share with you these type of jeans because I want to relate it with my next post coming soon.
Hip : Pinggang / Pinggul
Thigh : Peha
Waist : Bahagian Pinggang
Pleats : Lipatan / Kedutan
Butt : Pun**u*g

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