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Friday, December 4, 2009

orANg dALam

Assalamualaikum... just simple and fast entry

Everytime and everyday... once I on my lappy, just want to check my facebook. I'm kind of addicted to it....T-T

I don't know why....huhu

Everyone who have their facebook profile will post their shoutout or status and I have read one status of this hamba tuhan at facebook. She said most of her friends that have 'orang dalam' already know their result but for those who don't have 'orang dalam', tak akan dapat tau la about their result until 10 Disember where this date is the actual date maybe...the result will be announce.

Wow... this is the second time I heard about it. It make worried.


I think this is unfair because some of them already know the result but the rest not yet. So, here I can make my own conclusion where the result is already 'siap' and just tinggal nak di PAMPANGKAN kat student portal je.. Am I right???

Takut la...huhu =S

Anyone who have comment about this matter?

*sorry for the grammar mistake

1 comment:

  1. Biasalah tu fasya..
    Not really suprised about that.
    Org yang ada kenalan di uitm somehow ada advantage more than us who doesn't have kenalan mcm tu.
    Relax, if tau awal2 pun bukannya boleh ubah apa2 pun.Betul kan?


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